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We put our customers at the heart of our business. We do this by following the consumer code for homebuilders, as well as our own customer charter.

Consumer Code for New Home Builders

Consumer Code for Home Builders

The Consumer Code for Home Builders (“the Code”), which came into effect in April 2010, applies to all Home Builders registered with the UK’s main new Home Warranty Bodies; NHBC, Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty. The scheme ensures new home buyers are better informed than ever before on vital aspects of their property, such as service levels and build timescales.

New home construction in the UK is governed by some of the highest levels of building regulations and consumer protection. David Wilson Homes prides itself on leading the way in meeting those requirements.

What is the Consumer Code?

The code gives protection and rights to purchasers of new homes. It requires all new Home Buyers to be treated fairly and ensure they are fully informed about their purchase before and after they sign the contract.

The Consumer Code came into effect on April 1, 2010, and was developed by a leading group of house builders, construction industry bodies and the Government.

The aim of the Code is for all new Home Buyers to:

The code reinforces best practice among Home Builders to encourage a consistently high level of information and customer service. It builds on successful efforts already made by the industry to improve consumer satisfaction in recent years.

The Code covers every stage of the home-buying purchase –

pre-contract, exchange of contract and during occupation.

David Wilson Homes embraces the Consumer Code

David Wilson Homes embraces the Consumer Code for new home builders as an additional layer of consumer protection. At David Wilson Homes we take pride in ensuring we deliver the best quality homes and great customer service.

Our Customer Service Charter is one of the ways we set out our commitment to you. Designed to help you throughout your purchase - and long after you've moved - it will provide you with detailed information, advice and support. 

Find out more about the Code

Find out more about the Code

As a 5 star housebuilder we are committed to the Consumer Code for Home Builders. For more information on the Consumer Code for Home Builders please visit


The Consumer Code for Home Builders has its very own website, with detailed information on all aspects of the code. 

Visit Consumer Code for Home Builders website


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