Help, I have no water

It can be worrying to suddenly discover you’ve no water in your home. The reason is often simply that your local water provider has temporarily shut off the water for repairs. In this guide we will help you to diagnose the problem and get help.
Help, I have no water

Are your neighbours affected?

If your neighbours have also lost their water supply then you can be fairly certain that this is a temporary loss of supply in your area, and you should contact your local water supplier for more information. The Consumer Council for Water maintains a list of water suppliers, which you may find helpful.

Check the whole house

If the problem is isolated to your home:

If only some taps are affected

If the problem is limited to only some cold taps, the problem is likely to be either with the pipe that supplies those taps, or with a valve that controls the supply.

Frozen pipes

In extremely cold weather it’s possible that the water in your pipes could freeze. If there has been a severe cold snap and you suspect frozen pipes:

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