Maintaining your garden

We know your garden can be an important element of your lifestyle. It’s your personal place to relax and entertain, cultivate flowers and shrubs, enjoy the local wildlife and simply savour being outside.

Caring for your lawn

Caring for your lawn

Your new home may have the benefit of a garden with grass. This needs care to allow it to bed in and become an established lawn. This can take up to two years, so:

Shrubs and trees

You may wish to plant shrubs, hedges and trees, but there are a few points we would ask you to bear in mind:


We install extensive drainage systems on our developments to clear surface water from roads and pavements. However, it is normal for some areas to become a bit waterlogged in extremely wet weather conditions.

Making home improvements such as installing patios, block-paving or other impermeable surfaces in your garden may reduce the rate at which water drains away and make the area more susceptible to waterlogging. 

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