Your extractor fans

Your home may be fitted with several extractor fans to deal with steam and cooking smells in the kitchen, and humid air in bathrooms and utility rooms.

Bathroom extractor fans

It is important to use bathroom extractor fans whenever you take a bath or shower in order to avoid future problems from damp and mould. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by damp where extractor fans have not been used properly.

In bathrooms without a window, you will find that the fan continues to run even after being turned off. This is because it is fitted with a timer to ensure that steam and humid air continues to be extracted after you have left the room.

If your extractor fan isn’t working:

Utility room fan

The fan in your utility room works in a very similar way to your bathroom fan. It’s designed to keep the room fresh and help prevent it from becoming too humid. For any issues with this appliance, refer to the bathroom extractor fan guide above.

Kitchen cooker hoods

The hood above your hob is designed to catch grease and food particles, helping to keep the air in your kitchen clean and free from smells. It may simply be a filter, or it may extract air through the outside wall of your home. You might have one or two filters – either way, they will require a small amount of maintenance.

Kitchen cooker hood

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