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A new housing development is the start of a brand new community and as a homeowner, you can be a part of it and help shape its development. Understanding your role as a resident is an important part of that process. In this guide we’ll look at how your development is managed and what we can all do to make sure any new development becomes a great place to live.
Parking restrictions

Restrictive covenants

Attached to the deeds of your new home may be certain rules about what you can and can’t do with your house and land. These are known as restrictive covenants. All residents will have agreed to them.

Parking restrictions

It’s quite common for new developments to have parking restrictions, such as:

There can be many reasons for such restrictions, including the need to provide access by emergency service vehicles at all times, or simply to keep a development open, attractive and safe for all residents. Again, your solicitor should have advised you if any restrictions are in place.

Waste and recycling

Your local authority’s website will have information about collection days for rubbish and recycling, and also contact details of where to apply for new or replacement bins and recycling containers should you need them.

Settling disputes

On rare occasions you may find yourself in disagreement with your neighbours. If that happens:

Roads and open spaces

The roads and public open spaces on your new development, such as green areas and play parks, are an important part of your new community and everyone has a role to play in keeping them clean and tidy, and generally caring for the local environment.

While the development is under construction:

Once the development is complete:

You can find out who is your local authority using the website.

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