All about security alarms

Your new home may have been fitted with a quality security alarm. If so, it’s important you know how to operate and maintain it, and also what to do if your alarm or others in your neighbourhood sound.

Operation and servicing

The technology for alarms changes regularly, so there’s no standard model we fit on our developments.

The alarm installed will depend on when and where your home was built. Your welcome pack will have operating instructions included. If for any reason it doesn’t, please contact us using the contact box on this page. 

 Security alarm

If you do have a security alarm fitted, there are some general points to consider:

If your alarm is sounding

If your security alarm sounds, and this hasn’t been triggered by a power cut and you have reason to believe there may be an intruder in your home, call the police on 999 immediately. Police advice is to avoid doing anything that might put you in danger.

If your alarm sounds and there’s no evidence of an intruder

If your alarm is sounding and it’s clear there’s been no attempt at a break-in, reset your alarm. If it continues to sound and you are within your two-year warranty period, contact your local Customer Care Team. If you’re outside your warranty period please contact the original installer or a reputable alarm engineer. 

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