Help, I have no hot water

It can be frustrating to suddenly discover you have no hot water for a bath or shower. This guide will help you to identify the cause and find a solution.

Combi system

Combi system
Your hot water should be provided ‘on demand’.
  • Make sure your boiler is switched on and the display does not indicate a fault.
  • If there is a fault displayed, use the manual that came with your boiler to find out what the problem is. If your home is still under warranty, please get in touch using the contact box on this page.
  • If the boiler is on and there are no faults showing, try running the hot tap nearest to the boiler, most likely the one over the kitchen sink. Watch the boiler display as you do this, noting any faults that are displayed, then proceed as above.

Conventional system

Conventional system

With this type of system you’ll have an airing cupboard containing a hot water cylinder.

Shower only is affected

Shower only is affected

If it’s one shower that’s affected, it’s likely to be one of three reasons:

If it’s none of these, and your home is still under warranty, please get in touch using the contact box on this page.

Bath or sink only is affected

Bath or sink only is affected

If your shower is working but you’re having problems with one bath or sink, there are a number of possible causes:

All your outlets are affected

If the problem is not isolated to just one outlet (sink/bath/shower) and you’re only getting cold water from your taps, it could be you’ve run out of hot water, or your boiler or cylinder isn’t working properly.

To work out which, you first need to know what type of heating system you have. If you aren’t sure, please use our guide: What kind of heating and hot water system do I have?

A common problem with all types of boilers and cylinders is a lack of pressure. Read our guide to setting up your heating and hot water to find out more.

Other reasons you might have no hot water

If you’ve checked all the above and your taps or showers are still not delivering hot water, it’s possible the hot water to or from your boiler has been switched off or disconnected.

This could be the result of recent plumbing work or servicing. In which case, please contact the tradesperson responsible.

If you haven’t had any such work, and your home is under warranty, please get in touch using the contact box on this page and we will do our best to help you.

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